FCBU’s Resolute Defense Leads to 1-0 Triumph over Delhi FC -

FCBU’s Resolute Defense Leads to 1-0 Triumph over Delhi FC

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Irfan Yadwad’s finish secures win for FC Bengaluru United

Khel Today Bureau 

Bengaluru: In a highly anticipated encounter between FC Bengaluru United and Delhi FC, it was FCBU who emerged victorious with a hard-fought 1-0 win. For both teams, it was their first encounter in the final round of the 2nd Division I-Leaque qualifiers. The match proved to be an intense affair, filled with a plethora of tackles and a gruelling nature throughout. The FCBU defenders showcased their exceptional skills and played a crucial role in securing their team’s victory. Irfan Yadwad (76’) scored the sole goal of the game, to add to his already impressive tally of 11 goals and secure three crucial points for FC Bengaluru United.

FCBU’s first opportunity at goal came as early as the 6th minute, when Mac took an incisive long free kick into the box, but a leaping Shajan Franklin was unable to make clean contact and the ball drifted away for a goal kick. Srijith, FCBU’s Srijith was the designated custodian between the sticks, and he emerged as one the of star performers for the men in red. In the eighth minute, he made a stellar save of Manvir Singh’s shot on goal, and followed up with yet another crucial save off the resulting corner.

While both teams have highlighted their proficiency in front of goal, during the first round of the 2nd Divison I-league qualifiers, this match was more of an attrtional affair. Delhi FC repeatedly looked to exploit the left flank, but their momentum was often derailed by a prodigious Anil Chawan at centre-back and Chiranjeet Gogoi at right-back. Manoj Kannan and K Manjit also put up a sturdy display of defence for the men in red.

The second half commenced with a reinvigorated FCBU. The two-time Super Division Champions moved with more assurance, and the forward line, which was infused with the addition of Vinil Poojary came into play more often than the first half. They looked menacing as they linked up well in the final third, indicative of the top-scoring team across the league.

As the game progressed, the physicality and intensity intensified, resulting in numerous fierce challenges and tackles from both sides, with players from both teams battling for every ball. FCBU defenders showcased their resilience by winning important duels and demonstrating their commitment to protecting their goal at all costs. In the 58th minute, Balwant Singh let go of a thunderous strike, for Delhi FC but it was again denied by an outstretched Srijith, who pulled off yet another sensational save.

In the 76th minute of the match, FCBU managed to break the deadlock. A well-worked move involving the FCBU midfielder Subha Ghosh, where he deftly played in Irfan Yadwad led to a clinical finish by their striker, who slotted the ball into the bottom corner, leaving the Delhi FC goalkeeper with no chance. The goal brought a tremendous sense of relief to the FCBU camp, much to the excitement of the home fans.

As the final whistle blew, FCBU emerged as winners, securing a hard-earned 1-0 victory. The match was a testament to the defensive resilience of FCBU’s backline, who proved to be the standout performers of the game. Their ability to read the game, make timely tackles, and provide crucial interceptions played a vital role in keeping a clean sheet and securing the victory for their team.

FC Bengaluru United will next take on Ambernath United Atlanta FC on the 11th of May, at the Cooperage Stadium in Mumbai.

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