Modern Pythian Games of Arts and Culture are all set to take off globally from India -
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Modern Pythian Games of Arts and Culture are all set to take off globally from India

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A beginning of new era for global economy to give boost Traditional Games, Artistic activities, Tourism

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NEW DELHI: After creating history at the Delphi Economic Forum in Delphi, Greece, Mr. Bijender Goel, Founder of Modern Pythian Games, is now all set to create the governing structure of the International Pythian Council. He has also requested the representatives of more than 100 nations supporting Pythian games to go ahead with a legal structure in their countries.

Mr. Goel said that we have completed one phase of the revival of Modern Pythian Games, and it is time for us to create legal structures around the world and elect governing bodies for all respective National Pythian Councils and International Pythian Councils, and initiate arts and cultural activities. We have planned to revive the modern Pythian Games from Delphi, Greece, and to present a model of the modern Pythian Games to the world by conducting events in Delhi, initiate three global mega projects in field of language and literary arts, Performing arts, Musical arts. Social Arts and Martial Arts in next six months. The dates of these programmes will be announced soon.

Mr. Bijender Goel, Founder of Modern Pythian Games, and Mr. Dalip Singh, IAS, designated President of the Pythian Council of India, recently visited Greece on the invitation of the Delphi Economic Forum, Greece, and addressed an especially created Session on Modern Pythian Games on April 7th, 2022 at the Exhibition Hall of the European Cultural Centre, Delphi, Greece. The session became more important when Mr. George Kermlis, Advisor to the Honble Prime Minister of Greece and Mr. Panos Kaltsis, former Mayor of Delphi and President of the Ecumenical Delphic Union, Delphi, witnessed it. He also met Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Honble Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic of Greece, during the conference.
The International Pythian Council is a Delhi-based non-profit organisation and was founded with the goal of providing a global umbrella to all arts and cultural organisations around the world and reaching all individual artisans through its multilevel structure with a plan to revive the ancient Pythian Games as the Modern Pythian Games. Mr. Bijender Goel came up with a concept that was based on the ancient Pythian Games of Greek history.

Mr. Pierre de Coubertin, the Olympic Games’ founder, conceptualised such a notion in sports for the Olympic Games. The Pythian Games are comparable to the Olympics in terms of art and culture. They were staged concurrently with the Olympics and are renowned for uniting communities.
Mr. Goel said that “the Pythian Games’ curriculum and concept are generally acclaimed worldwide, and the International Pythian Council has already acquired admission to more than 100 countries within a short span of the last 5 months, including Greece. The recent invitation by the Delphi Economic Forum VII to organise a special session on “Modern Pythian Games” at Delphi, as well as the interest of many arts organisations we encountered on the trip and their desire to collaborate with us, are excellent examples of this.
The Pythian Games will take place every four years, and any national or state council should be allowed to bid to host them with the support of their governments. The various events have been organised according to various artistic categories, and the games, festivals, and engagements will take place in each of the eight primary creative fields: musical arts, performing arts, visual arts, social and traditional arts, language and literary arts, architecture and ecology, robotics and digital arts, martial arts, amusement, adventure, and traditional games, as well as assistance in resurrecting dying creative forms.
Mr. Goel said that “we have written to the Indian governmnet that Modern Pythian Games might not only assist India in becoming a leader in cultural diplomacy but also increase cultural interactions.” Indian tourism will benefit from the Pythian Games’ increasing global activity. It will help the country’s economy grow and create jobs, as well as bring in a lot of money for the country through its global Pythian properties and events, tourism, grants, contributions, telecast rights, and sponsorships etc.”.
He further added that “for the first time in its history, India now owns intellectual property rights to such historical and ancient games, and the Indian government may promote and defend the Pythian Games in the same way that Switzerland has sponsored and protected the International Olympic Committee”.
Mr. Dalip Singh, designated President of the Pythian Council of India, said that “according to available data, the cultural and creative sectors create over €600 billion, support over 8.3 million jobs globally, and contribute 4.5 percent of global GDP, with an estimated growth rate of 10% per year. Not only does this sector drive the industrial and service sectors, but it is also one of the most essential areas for employment creation. It encourages entrepreneurship, innovation, and start-ups, and it hires more young people than any other industry. This has a big impact on the growth of investment and tourism.

There are many different types of performing arts, and the Milan furniture trade fair alone draws 3.5 million business travellers each year. They spend an average of €350 each day on lodging, food, and cultural visits, which generates 2.5 billion euros in annual revenue and supports 80,000 jobs”.
The Pythian Games have been created in different art categories, and the games, festivals, and engagements will take place in each of the eight primary creative fields: musical arts, performing arts, visual arts, social and traditional arts, language and literary arts, architecture and ecology, robotics and digital arts, martial arts, entertainment games, adventure games, traditional games, and support in reviving dying art traditions, which determine the Pythian Games’ expected magnitude in the future, which will be even larger than the Olympics.
Mr. Goel appealed to the Indian government to understand the value of modern Pythian Games, which will allow India to regulate the global economy of arts and creativity through Pythian games and lead the world in cultural diplomacy. This is possible because of the 2600-year-old history of the ancient Pythian Games, and India can play an important role in bringing the whole world together.
The Ministry of Culture may support the Pythian Games by notifying all state governments and related central and state organisations to recognise the Pythian Games, artisans, and participants, and to provide benefits to artisans in the same way that Olympic participants receive them.
The Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, is likewise committed to encouraging arts and cultural activities and recently spoke about the importance of turning artisan sentiments into a public movement. It is a matter of pride for every Indian that the global Pythian Movement for the Pythian Games is India’s first cultural movement that is now spreading all over the world.

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