Jindal Vs. Jindal in Sparrow Cup Polo Final -

Jindal Vs. Jindal in Sparrow Cup Polo Final

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Khel Today Reporter

New Delhi:Jindal Steel & Power will meet Jindal Panther in Polo Final of ROYAL OAS GENERAL SPARROW CUP (4 GOAL) tournament.

 The tournament is being played on league basis. Two top teams  Jindal Steel & Power  and Jindal Panther will play the final on 28 Feb 2021.

Last two league matches were played today at Army Equestrian Centre, Delhi Cantt.  First  match was played  between Jindal Panther and Lancers in which Jindal Panther beat Lancers by 9 goals to 6 1/2 .  Scores for Jindal Panther were, Mr Matt Perry 04 goals, Mr Akshai Malik 04 goals, Mr Naveen Jindal 01 goal.  Scores for Lancers were Dfr Rambir Singh 02 goals , Swr D Santosh 01 goals and started with 3 ½ goal on handicap advantage.

  Second and last league matches of the tournament was played at Army Equestrian Centre, Delhi Cantt  between Col Girdhari Singh ASC vs Jindal Steel & Power in which Jindal Steel & Power beat Col Girdhari Singh ASC by 6 goals to 5 goals.  Scores for  Jindal Steel & Power were Mr Phil Seller 02 goals, Mr Mahesh Sharma 02 goals, Mr Deepak Udar 01 goal and Mr Venkatesh Jindal 01 goal.  Scores for Col Girdhari Singh ASC were Maj Abhimanyu S Panwar 02 goals, Mr Rehat Singh Virk 01 goal,  Mr Salim Azmi 01 goal and started with 01 goal on handicap advantage.

Sunday’s fixture – Finals of Royal Koas General Sparrow Cup (4 Goal) at Jaipur Polo Ground, Inside Delhi Race Club, New Delhi


            04:00 PM –     Jindal Steel & Power      Vs        Jindal Panther

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