Delhi and Haryana Win Team Titles in Junior & Sub-Junior (Cade) Free Style National Wrestling Championship -

Delhi and Haryana Win Team Titles in Junior & Sub-Junior (Cade) Free Style National Wrestling Championship

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Delhi wrestling team with Junior category Trophy.


Khel Today Reporter

Noida : Delhi and Haryana won the  team titles in TATA Motors Junior & Sub-Junior (Cade) Free Style National Wrestling Championships. Wrestlers of these two states dominated in the championship organized in Uttar Pradesh. Delhi won four gold medals and earned 195 points to emerged champian in Junior category. Haryana got second  position with 180 points. SSCB with 109 points got third position.

In Sub-Junior (Cade) Free Style category wrestlers from Haryana done well to secure first position with 184 Points. Delhi with 180 Points got second position.Maharashtra managed to get 3rd position with 136 Points.

Officials of the championship.

The results of the all weight categories are given below:


Junior Free Style Wrestling

57 kg.*

Gold Aman HAR
Silver Abhishek DEL
Bronze Praveen SSCB
Bronze Atish MAH

*61 kg.*

Gold Ravinder SSCB
Silver Ashish DEL
Bronze Sudhir Jaat GUJ
Bronze Jaskaran Singh PUB

*65 kg.*

Gold Manish Goswami DEL
Silver Sujeet HAR
Bronze Shubham DEL
Bronze Vijay Malik CHD

*70 kg.*

Gold Naveen HAR
Silver Jaideep HAR
Bronze Rahul CHD
Bronze Abhimanyu DEL

*74 kg.*

Gold Vijay. HAR
Silver Ashish Kunar SSCB
Bronze Parmod PUB
Bronze Vikas DEL

*79 kg.*

Gold Deepak SSCB
Silver Aman Singh GUJ
Bronze Vicky HAR
Bronze Ashish DEL

*86 kg.*

Gold Praveen DEL
Silver Jainty UP
Bronze Ankit HAR
Bronze Manjeet CHD

*92 kg.*

Gold Prithviraj MAH
Silver Sunil KTK
Bronze Rakesh HAR
Bronze Neeraj HAR

*97 kg.*

Gold Ashish DEL
Silver Sahil DEL
Bronze Sahil PUB
Bronze Manish HAR

*125 kg.*

Gold Anirudh DEL
Silver Prithviraj MAH
Bronze Rohit HAR
Bronze Sahil DEL

Team Championship

I. Delhi 195 Points
II Haryana 180 Points
III SSCB. 109 Points.

Sub-Junior (Cadet)

*45 kg.*

Gold Rohit HAR
Silver Sahil HAR
Bronze Shaurya Kr. CHD
Bronze Omkar Patil SSCB

*48 kg.*

Gold Pankaj Patil MAH
Silver Rohit Patil MAH
Bronze Aman HAR
Bronze Ravinder DEL

*51 kg.*

Gold Chirag HAR
Silver Narsingh Patil SSCB
Bronze Pratik Namdev MAH
Bronze Ravi DEL

*55 kg.*

Gold Vaibhav Patil SSCB
Silver Bhuvnesh HAR
Bronze Kapil HAR
Bronze Neeraj DEL

*60 kg.*

Gold Deepanshu DEL
Silver Amit Kumar DEL
Bronze Jaskaran PUB
Bronze P. Nikhil Yadav TEL

*65 kg.*

Gold Vishal DEL
Silver Shubham MAH
Bronze Atul HAR
Bronze Atul DEL

*71 kg.*

Gold Jaideep. HAR
Silver Sagar Jaglan HAR
Bronze Bobby Chahar CHD
Bronze Sunny. DEL

*80 kg.*

Gold Parvinder Singh HAR
Silver Gautam Shinde MAH
Bronze Mohit Singh CHD
Bronze Praveen Kr. UP

*92 kg.*

Gold Jatin DEL
Silver Manish DEL
Bronze Sahil HAR
Bronze Robinpreet Singh PUB

*110 kg.*

Gold Sahil DEL
Silver Bheem Yadav UP
Bronze Sumit HAR
Bronze Joginder Rathee HAR

Team Position

1st Haryana 184 Points
2nd Delhi 180 Points
3rd Maharashtra 136 Points.


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