Sneha and Neha top contenders in opening leg of new season on Hero WPGT -
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Sneha and Neha top contenders in opening leg of new season on Hero WPGT

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Sneha Singh. 

Khel Today Bureau 

Pune: Sneha Singh and Neha Tripathi, the No. 1 and 2 players on the Hero Order of Merit for 2023, will be the main contenders as they return for the brand new season as they will be among the 34 players who will feature in the opening leg of the 2024 Hero Women’s Pro Golf Tour at the Poona Club Golf Course. The field also includes Seher Atwal and Khushi Khanijau, who were third and fourth on the Merit List.

05/12/2014. Ladies European Tour 2014. Hero Womens Indian Open, Dehli Golf Club, Dehli, India. Dec 4 – 6. Neha Tripathi of India during the second round. Credit: Tristan Jones. 

The opening event of the season carries a purse of Rs. 11 lakhs.

While Sneha, Neha and Seher between them won eight titles during the last season, the player to watch out for will be Amandeep Drall, who won once in five starts in 2023 but lost her card on the Ladies European Tour. The former runner-up in the Hero Women’s Indian Open in 2022, Drall is seeking to re-discover her form before she moves to Tours outside India.

Among players who came close to winning have been Khushi Khanijau and Jasmine Shekar. They will be looking for early breakthroughs in the season.

Two amateurs who have caught the eye over the last two years have been Nishna Patel and Mannat Brar and they will be in the fray once again. The two have represented India at international events as part of the Indian Golf Union team and they will be looking at a fast start in 2024 before going for amateur events outside India. There are five amateurs in the field.

Amandeep Drall has been grouped with Khushi and amateur Anuradha Chaudhari, while Sneha Singh goes out with Karishma Govind and amateur Mannat Brar. Neha Tripathi will play with Rhea Purvi Saravanan and Jahaanvie Walia.

Tee times for Round 1 of the first leg of the 2024 Hero Women’s Pro Golf Tour at the Poona Golf Club:

1 8:30 am Jasmine Shekar; Rhea Jha;

2 8:40 am Snigdha Goswami; Shagun Narain;

3 8:50 am Anisha Agarwalla; Jaanya Bishnoi (A); Hitaashee Bakshi;

4 9:00 am Sachika Singh; Saaniya Sharma; Ananya Datar;

5 9:10 am Mehar Atwal; Riya Yadav; Gauri Karhade;

6 9:25 am Anaggha Venkatesh; Ketaki Sood (A); Yaalisai Verma;

7 9:35 am Neha Tripathi; Rhea Purvi Saravanan; Jahaanvie Walia;

8 9:45 am Ananya Garg; Seher Atwal; Ravjot K Dosanjh;

9 9:55 am Khushi; Amandeep Drall; Anuradha Chaudhuri (A);

10 10:10 am Karishma Govind; Sneha Singh; Mannat Brar (A);

11 10:20 am Agrima Manral; Taniya Balasuriya; Nishna Patel (A);

12 10:30 am Disha Kavery; Khushi Khanijau; Shweta Mansingh;

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