Sports Administrator Harpal Singh Flora Becomes Deputy Chairman Of International Union Of Kettlebell Lifting -
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Sports Administrator Harpal Singh Flora Becomes Deputy Chairman Of International Union Of Kettlebell Lifting

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Khel Today Bureau
New Delhi: Indian Sports administrator Harpal Singh Flora from Delhi has been appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the executive committee of the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting.

Judging by his ability, the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting has appointed him for special task on which the Union has not been able to achieve much success.
Harpal Singh Flora has been entrusted with the responsibility of introducing kettlebell sports through International School Sports Federation, International University Sports Federation to all school and university organizations, schools and colleges in the world.
Not only this, Harpal  has also been given the charge of Asia, he has been given the responsibility of strengthening the kettlebell sport in all the existing countries of Asia and introducing the sport to new countries.

Harpal expressed his gratitude to the President and all the members of the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting and said, “this is a huge responsibility, there are very few Indians who are given such a huge responsibility. It is a matter of pride not only for me but for the country also. and I have done such a responsibility before and this time also I will prove to the country and the world that Indians are not less in any way.”

“My team and my colleagues are behind my success, I believe in teamwork, I always take my team and my colleagues with me. I want that the Indians should not only represent in the biggest world sports organizations but also make a name for the country in administration in the world of sports by serving at senior positions,” he said further.
About Harpal Singh Flora
Harpal Singh Flora is well known Indian Sports Administrator. He has the man who has developed the Rope Skipping Sports in India and taking it to greater heights. For the last two decades, he has held the positions of President and General Secretary of various sports Associations and federations in India, He has been the President of the Asian Rope Skipping Federation and the Vice President of the International Rope Skipping Federation and also the founder of the World Inter-School Rope Skipping Organization. He has over a decade of experience of working in international organizations.
Not only this, he also organized TAFISA Certified Leadership Course in collaboration with International Olympic Committee in India. He has experience in organizing conferences and international sports events abroad, is trying his hands in journalism too.

About Kettlebell Sport
Kettlebells have their origin in ancient Russia, where importance was placed on physical strength. The first recorded mention of the word girya, meaning a traditional Russian weight made of cast iron, was in a 1704 Russian dictionary. In 1913 an article in a popular Hercules fitness magazine in Russia increased the recognition of kettlebells as a powerful tool for weight loss. In 1948 kettlebell lifting became the national sport of the Soviet Union.
Now Kettlebells can be found in almost every gym and fitness centre. It is not just a fitness thing but also a sport. The International Kettlebell Lifting Union is the international governing body for kettlebell sport. The Kettlebell is popular in more than 80 countries.
As of now IUKL has organized 29 World Championships and the last one was held on 28-31 November 2022 at New Delhi, India. The International Kettlebell Lifting Union IUKL is the governing body for kettlebell sport that is a member of Global Association of International Sports Federations – GAISF, and the Alliance of International of International Members of Sports (AIMS). IUKL is also a signatory of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

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