Pythian Games Resurrect: India to Host Pythian Games Festival 2023 in Delhi on Dec 19-21; Marking a Revival After 1630 Years -
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Pythian Games Resurrect: India to Host Pythian Games Festival 2023 in Delhi on Dec 19-21; Marking a Revival After 1630 Years

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Rakesh Thapliyal 

New Delhi: India is all set to make history by hosting the First-ever Pythian Games Festival 2023, an extraordinary three-day event that aims to revive the ancient Greek Pan Hellenic Pythian Games. Under the auspices of the International Pythian Council and the Pythian Council of Delhi, the mega event will take place at New Delhi’s Thyagaraj Stadium from December 19-21. With over 5,000 artists and athletes from more than 10 countries participating, the festival is poised to be a grand celebration of Arts, Culture, and Sports. 

The festival signifies a major step in revitalizing the ancient Greek Pan Hellenic Pythian Games, now reborn as modern Pythian Games after a hiatus of 1630 years.

Mr. Bijender Goel, the Founder of Modern Pythian Games, Managing Trustee – Delphic India Trust, Founding Secretary General – International Pythian Council, expressed his excitement, stating, “The upcoming Pythian Games Festival 2023 is a historic moment and the world’s first physical event of its kind. The concept of Modern Pythian Games, introduced last year at the Delphi Economic Forum in Greece, will materialize at this event, similar to how the Olympics took shape after 1894. It will serve as a global online and physical platform for artists and players to compete and showcase their talents.” 

“Reviving a tradition dating back centuries is a testament to our commitment to unite nations through arts, cultures, and traditional games,” added Mr Goel. 

The festival will feature a diverse range of categories, including Music, Dance, Singing, Poetry, Martial Arts, Traditional Games, and Sports. Notable attractions include the participation of African teams in football, music, dance, poetry, and singing competitions. A large number of students from Government/Government-Aided Schools in Delhi are also expected to participate in all these categories. 

Mr. BH Anil Kumar, IAS, President of the Pythian Council of India, highlighted the growing global support for the Pythian Games, stating, “It is not only a celebration of talent but also a platform for fostering international cooperation and understanding.”

He also quoted the recent statement of the Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Greece in India, praising the significance of Modern Pythian Games and India’s rich tapestry of art, culture, and sports. “India has the inherent ability to champion unity, peace, harmony, and co-existence on the world stage under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

Mr. Vishnu Kumar Sharma, IPS, President – Pythian Council of Delhi, described the festival as “a unique blend of tradition and modernity, bringing together diverse categories from Musical Arts to Virtual Arts. It’s an opportunity for Delhi to showcase its rich cultural heritage on the global stage and appeals to the youth of Delhi for more support and increased participation.”

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