Wrestlers from Haryana and Delhi dominate in 1st Grand Prix in Senior & Under-17 Age Group -

Wrestlers from Haryana and Delhi dominate in 1st Grand Prix in Senior & Under-17 Age Group

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New Delhi: The 1st Grand Prix Wrestling Tournament in Senior & Under-17 Age Group being organised in Haridwar (Uttarakhand).

The results are given below:

Senior Greco Roman Style
*55 Kg.*
Gold Lalit HAR
Silver Khyaliram RAJ
Bronze Harsh DEL
Bronze Sanjeev DEL

*60 Kg.*
Gold Sandeep SSCB
Silver Pankaj HAR
Bronze Harsh Rana DEL
Bronze Parvin Patil SSCB

*63 Kg.*
Gold Vijay DEL
Silver Sonu SSCB
Bronze Kewal Beniwal HP
Bronze Sandeep HAR

*67 Kg.*
Gold Deepak DEL
Silver Malkit Hood SSCB
Bronze Sandeep HAR
Bronze Surajmal SSCB

*72 Kg.*
Gold Shribhgwan SSCB
Silver Anuj Dahiya DEL
Bronze Rahul SSCB
Bronze Sachin HAR

*77 Kg.*
Gold Deepak Punia HAR
Silver Sachin HAR
Bronze Jaideep HAR
Bronze Ravi Kumar DEL

*82 Kg.*
Gold Rohit Dahiya HAR
Silver Aman Kumar HAR
Bronze Ankit Boora CHD
Bronze Rohit Bura HAR

*87 Kg.*
Gold Ravi Malik HAR
Silver Deepak Guliya SSCB
Bronze Gaurav Gujjar UP
Bronze Amit DEL

*97 Kg.*
Gold Ravi RSPB
Silver Sonu HAR
Bronze Puskar DEL
Bronze Navdeep HAR

*130 Kg.*
Gold Mehar Singh SSCB
Silver Aryan Panwar DEL
Bronze Nitesh Kumar HAR
Bronze Sonu DEL

*U17 Greco Roman Style*
*45 Kg.*
Gold Ankit HAR
Silver Rahul JHKD
Bronze Ranjeeit Kumar DEL
Bronze Aditya MP

*48 Kg.*
Gold Priyanshu SSCB
Silver Siddhanath MAH
Bronze Utkarsh MAH
Bronze Mohit HAR

*51 Kg.*
Gold Manu CGH
Silver Aditya JKHD
Bronze Amarjeet HAR
Bronze Vishal MAH

*55 Kg.*
Gold Anil Mor SSCB
Silver Bharat HAR
Bronze Sonu DEL
Bronze Rahul HAR

*60 Kg.*
Gold Sohit HAR
Silver Juber UP
Bronze Himanshu HAR
Bronze Kapil DEL

*65 Kg.*
Gold Prinne HAR
Silver Nishant SSCB
Bronze Manish Yadav UP
Bronze Suraj Kumar SSCB

*71 Kg.*
Gold Ashu Pal UP
Silver Manjot Singh PUN
Bronze Anshu Khatir DEL
Bronze Aakash Punia HAR

*80 Kg.*
Gold Aman HAR
Silver Paras HAR
Bronze Nitin Bhatti PUN
Bronze Aurangzeb MP

*92 Kg.*
Gold Mohit UP
Silver Himanshu UP
Bronze Hardeep Rathi DEL
Bronze Digamber UP

*110 Kg.*
Gold Pardeep Sigh PUN
Silver Rajat Ruhil HAR
Bronze Kartik MAH
Bronze Sahil Khatri DEL

DAY 2* *14/11/2012
*Senior Free Style*
*57 Kg.*
Gold Rahul DEL
Silver Sumit HAR
Bronze Rahul HAR
Bronze Rinku HAR

*61 Kg.*
Gold Amit Kumar DEL
Silver Gobind HAR
Bronze Ankit Singh HAR
Bronze Vicky CHD

*65 Kg.*
Gold Neeraj DEL
Silver Sourabh MAH
Bronze Rohit SSCB
Bronze Vicky HAR

*70 Kg.*
Gold Sujeet HAR
Silver Sourabh DEL
Bronze Saurabh MAH
Bronze Manish DEL

*74 Kg.*
Gold Sanjay DEL
Silver Rahul HAR
Bronze Tejveer Singh Yadav UP
Bronze Shubham MAH

*79 Kg.*
Gold Chander Mohan HAR
Silver Pardeep CHD
Bronze Sagar Jaglan HAR
Bronze Joginder HAR

*86 Kg.*
Gold Vinod SSCB
Silver Jitender SSCB
Bronze Vijay Yadav MP
Bronze Manjeet SSCB

*92 Kg.*
Gold Parveen Kumar HAR
Silver Naresh RSPB
Bronze Sangram Patil SSCB
Bronze Ajay HAR

*97 Kg.*
Gold Ashish DEL
Silver Pardeep Punia HAR
Bronze Kapil Chaudhary SSCB
Bronze Vinay Dahiya HAR

*125 Kg.*
Gold Sumit HAR
Silver Abhijeet MAH
Bronze Akash Antil DEL
Bronze Pushpender HAR

*U17 Women Wrestling*
*40 Kg.*
Gold Preeti HAR
Silver Manisha HAR
Bronze Samiksha MAH
Bronze Anushka MAH

*43 Kg.*
Gold Manjeet HAR
Silver Anshika Antil HAR
Bronze Chanchal JKHD
Bronze Varsha HAR

*46 Kg.*
Gold Monika HAR
Silver Ritika HAR
Bronze Muskan HAR
Bronze Khushi DEL

*49 Kg.*
Gold Shweta KTK
Silver Sanika Amar MAH
Bronze Tamanna DEL
Bronze Priya HAR

*53 Kg.*
Gold Neha DEL
Silver Neetu HAR
Bronze Hansika HAR
Bronze Kirti HAR

*57 Kg.*
Gold Anjali HAR
Silver Sakshi MAH
Bronze Khushi HAR
Bronze Manju HAR

*61 Kg.*
Gold Savita HAR
Silver Nitika DEL
Bronze Pragati MAH
Bronze Reena HAR

*65 Kg.*
Gold Sarika HAR
Silver Siksha DEL
Bronze Antim HAR
Bronze Ishika HAR

*69 Kg.*
Gold Jyoit Berwal HAR
Silver Varsha HAR
Bronze Tanu Sharma HAR
Bronze Kiran Hooda HAR

*73 Kg.*
Gold Harshita HAR
Silver Tannu DEL
Bronze Srishti DEL
Bronze Vedika MAH.

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