Zorawar, Amaira and Aanya make it three-in a row, Bhadoo, Bainsla shoot low scores in US Kids Golf North -

Zorawar, Amaira and Aanya make it three-in a row, Bhadoo, Bainsla shoot low scores in US Kids Golf North

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Winners at US Kids Leg 3 North – CLockwise from top left Zorawar Singh Chahal, Prince Bainsla, Manyaveer Bhadoo, Parnika Sharma, Amair Gulati and Aanya Dandriyal. 

 Khel Today Bureau 

Gurugram: It was a day of hat-tricks and a lot of low scoring as the youngsters braved the smog and slight chill to make the third leg of the US Kids Golf memorable at the Classic Golf and Country Club.

Amaira Gulati in Girls 8, Zorawar Singh Chahal of Mohali in Boys 9 and Aanya Dandriyal in Girls 9-10 won for the third time in three events this season, while Prince Bainsla (Boys 13-14), Manyaveer Bhadoo (Boys 15-18) and Parnika Sharma (Girls 13-14) shot excellent under par rounds to win their sections. Prince, who won the second leg after finishing second in the opening event, shot 3-under 69 for the second time in succession, underlining his huge potential.

Bhadoo, who was so consistent and winning often last season, did not play the first two legs, but returned with a win this week as he shot the day’s best score of 4-under 68 and Parnika Sharma, who was second in first leg, and third in second leg, finally got to the top for the first time this season with 2-under 60.

Nihal Cheema coming in for the first time this season, unseated Ranveer Baloria from the top spot. Baloria won the previous two legs, but Cheema shot even par 36 for his nine-hole round and took the honours as Siddhik Chaturvedi and Baloria were behind him in that order,

Zorawar Singh Chahal went one over 37 but stayed a winner again.

Divjot Kumar Gupta, winner of the first two legs, shot the same score as Kabir Goyal (NOIDA) and Ojasv Saraswat, but lost out in the 3-way play-off. Kabir won the sudden death, pushing the other two to tied second place at the same even par 36 for nine holes.

Amaira Gupta was consistent winning yet again, but her score pf 5-over 41 was way below her under scores in first two legs.

Results of the third Leg of the US Kids Golf North at Classic Golf Resort


Boys 6 (9 holes): 1. Nihal Cheema (Chd) 36; 2. Siddhik Chaturvedi (Noida) 44; 3. Ranveer Baloria (Del) 47

Boys 7 (9 holes): 1. Zorawar Singh Chahal (Mohali) 37; 2. Samar Singh (Noida) 42; 3. Kabir Kanwar (NOIDA) 45

Boys 8 (9 holes): 1. Kabir Goyal (NOIDA) 36 (Play-off); T2. Ojasv Saraswat 36; T2. Divjot Kumar Gupta (Jal) 36

Boys 9: Rudar Gupta (Jal) 78

Boys 10: 1. Arnav Kumar (Jalandhar) 73; 2. Sohraab Singh Talwar (Mohali, Pb) 74; 3. Siddhant Kumar (Faridabad) 75

Boys 11: 1. Aditya Mishra (Del) 78 PO; 2. Vidit Aggarwal (Del) 78; 3. Raajveer Suri (Noida) 82.

Boys 12: 1. Danish Verma (Ludhiana) 73; 2. Chaitanya Pandey (Del) 74; 3. Devvrat Singh Rajawat (Jaipur) 77

Boys 13-14: 1. Prince Bainsla (Palwal) 69; 2. Zoravar Singh Toor (Ggn) 72; Aryaveer Lamba (Del) 74

Boys 15-18: 1. Manyaveer Bhadoo (Chd) 68; 2. Vihaan Malhotra (Del) 77; 3. Aftab Singh Bakshi (Del) 78


Girls 8 (9 holes): Amaira Gulati (Lucknow) 41; 2. Shannon Singh Jaswal (Ggn) 45; 3. Aaradhya Bhatnagar (NOIDA) 48

Girls 9-10: 1. Aanya Dandriyal (Gr. Noida) 79; 2. Bhuvi Srivastava (Ghaz) 85

Girls 11-12:  1. Anushka Gupta (Del) 70; 2. Shambhavi Chaturvedi (Noida) 71; 3. Naina Kapoor (Ggn) 74

Girls 13-14: 1. Parnika Sharma (NOIDA) 70; 2. Ayesha Gupta (Del) 75; 3. Jiyyaa Sharma (Ggn) 78.

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