From Electrician to Poker Prodigy: Rajasthan’s Hanuman Patel bags a cash prize of INR 78 Lakh in PokerBaazi’s EndBoss tournament -

From Electrician to Poker Prodigy: Rajasthan’s Hanuman Patel bags a cash prize of INR 78 Lakh in PokerBaazi’s EndBoss tournament 

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Khel Today Bureau 

New Delhi: : In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Hanuman Patel, a humble electrician from Rajasthan living in Hospet, Karnataka, has emerged as a shining star of the highly anticipated EndBoss 2023 tournament. Patel won a prize pool of INR 78 Lakh and emerged as a silver medallist in the tournament. 

As an underdog from a small town, Hanuman’s victory in the EndBoss 2023 is a testament to the immense potential and talent that thrives beyond the metropolitan cities in India. His achievement not only brings glory to his family and town but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring poker players across the nation.

Hailing from Luni, Rajasthan, Hanuman Patel runs a small electrical shop in Hospet, Karnataka, which further highlights his awe-inspiring journey from a local entrepreneur to a nationally acclaimed gaming maestro. His relentless spirit and determination demonstrate that with the right mix of passion and perseverance, anyone can achieve greatness, no matter their background. 

Watch his inspiring video that celebrates his journey in online poker here:

Imbibing a famous Rajasthan saying in his Poker journey, “Life is not always a race, you need to walk through it at times to experience things,” Hanuman commenting on his feat shared that “Poker is a game of patience and constant learning. I started playing free tournaments and winning those gave me the confidence to participate in bigger tournaments. Winning such a significant amount has given a new meaning to my life. I am thankful to PokerBaazi for creating such a level-playing field for players like me to learn and achieve glory at the same time.” 

Congratulating Hanuman Patel on his winnings, Navkiran Singh, CEO and Co-Founder Baazi Games shared, “Stories like Hanuman’s are the ones that move you. He proves that constant determination and perseverance are a key to building a successful career in Poker. I am elated to see how online gaming in India is giving opportunities to people to change their lives while at the same time hone their skills that are also useful in the real world. I am certain that in the next few years, more players like Hanuman will have successful feats and careers in Poker.”  

With the prize money of INR 78 Lakh, Hanuman Patel is determined to provide a better life for his family. As a devoted family man, he envisions securing a brighter future for his loved ones and access to better education and opportunities for his children.

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