‘Baale Golf’ cruise into the Quarter-Finals at Lloyd DGC League 2022 -

‘Baale Golf’ cruise into the Quarter-Finals at Lloyd DGC League 2022

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Ashwin Chandiok, OWNER – Baale Golf, lets rip off the tee. 

 Khel Today Bureau

New Delhi:  Team ‘Baale Golf’ assumed a mammoth 9.5-point lead over the next best team in their group, ‘MMG Coca-Cola’ to top their group and cruise into the Quarter-Finals of the ‘Lloyd Delhi Golf Club League – Powered by Vredestein Tyres’.  Both teams however have qualified for the knock-out stage.

In their contest against team ’24 Lions’ today, ‘Baale Golf’ won 4 of their 7 matches to tally 9.5 points against their opponent’s effort of 5 points.  In 4 completed outings, ‘Baale Golf’ now tally 41.5 points to lead their group with team ‘MMG Coca-Cola’ sitting a distant second at 32 points.

In the first session, team ‘The Pioneers’ won 5 of their 7 matches and secured 12 points against team ‘Sterling Swingers’ who managed 4.5 points.  It is unfortunate that ‘The Pioneers’ fell short by just one point which would have pushed them through to the Quarter-Finals.

In the third session, ‘BMW Deutsche-Motoren’ won 6 of their 7 matches to tally 12.5 points for the day, against team ‘Ardee Par Excellence’s effort of 4.5 points.  After 4 games, ‘BMW Deutsche-Motoren’ tally 42.5 points, with team ‘Delhi Tigers’ sitting just one point behind them.

In the final session of the day. Team ‘Eagles and Birdies’ showcased some classic golf to win 4 of their 7 matches and pocket 9.5 points against team ‘Shiva Motocorp Land Rover’ who managed 7.5 points.  Unfortunately both teams have not managed to qualify for the knock-out stage.

The League, being played at the historic par-72 Delhi Golf Club course, features 13 days of hard-fought golf and will conclude in a Grand Finale on October 22, 2022.

The tournament is being played on a “Four-ball better-ball Matchplay” Format.  The League will be played in two stages – a Round Robin stage followed by a Knock-out stage. During each playoff match between two teams, each team will field 7 pairs (14 players). One pair from each team will play against a pair from the other team in a “Four-ball better-ball” Matchplay format with all the players playing off 75% of their original handicaps. The teams will get points for their wins. The 20 teams have been divided into 4 groups. After the Round Robin stage, 2 teams from each group will qualify for the Knock-out stage starting with the Quarter-finals.  The Finals will be played on the 22nd of Oct 2022.

Some of the biggest names in the golfing world who have honed their skills at the Delhi Golf Club, are involved with the League at different levels, including three Arjuna Award winners namely Shiv Kapur, Nonita Lal Qureshi and Amit Luthra.  Additionally, stalwarts such as Gaurav Ghei – the first ever Indian golfer to qualify for the Open Championship ‘97; Vivek Bhandari – winner of the Honda-Siel PGA Championship ’97; Arjun Singh – winner of the Wills Masters ’98; Asian Tour regulars – Chiragh Kumar and Amandeep Johl; leading Ladies Tour professionals Mehar Atwal and Ayesha Kapur, top Coaches  Jasjit Singh and Ajai Gupta are involved in the Delhi Golf Club League 2022.

The 20 teams competing in the League are: ‘The A-Team’, ‘Sterling Swingers’, ‘Baale Golf’, Eagles & Birdies’, ‘Christie’s Golf’, ‘SwingKKings’, ‘Shiva Motocorp. Land Rover’, Bajaj Foundation’, Tee Birds’, The Pioneers’, Team Coca-Cola’ ’24 Secure Lions’, ‘TEEm EDC”, Athletic Drive’, ‘BMW-Deutsche Motoren’, ‘Delhi Tigers’, ‘Birdie Machine’, Ardee Par Excellence,  robo4me and B i Luxury, with the last three being new entrants into the field.

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