Sports Authority of India advises NSFs to take steps to ensure safety of women athletes -

Sports Authority of India advises NSFs to take steps to ensure safety of women athletes

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Khel Today Bureau 

New Delhi: The Sports Authority of India is ensuring the safety of its women athletes and therefore, as a priority, proactively engaging with the National Sports Federations (NSFs). SAI has issued certain guidelines on the same and have advised the NSFs to take it up immediately.

The NSFs have been advised to take the following responsibilities:

1. Women Coach to mandatorily accompany the contingent with female athletes during Domestic/International Travel.

2. Compliance Officer (Male & Female) to be appointed in all National Coaching Camps and Foreign Exposures. The roles and responsibilities of the Compliance Officer includes communicating regularly with athletes and others to ensure that the guidelines are being followed as well as enforce the Standard Operating Procedure on prevention of sexual harassment in sports. The Compliance Officer, among other duties, should ensure that if any member reports a violation, the same should be reported earliest to the responsible authorities.

3. Pre-Camp Sensitization modules to be designed and presented to all athletes, coaches and support staffs together before commencement of any National Coaching Camp and Foreign Exposure.

4. Increase the strength of women Coaches/Support Staff in National Coaching Camps by respective NSFs.

The step has been taken after recent events came to light where certain female athletes have complained against their coaches during international trips. This is also to ensure a safe and positive environment by making all stakeholders aware that there is an expectation, at all times, of appropriate behavior consistent with the core values of sportsmanship and appropriate moral conduct.

SAI views ethical conduct as a cornerstone in the fair administration of the sporting disciplines. Everyone participating in sports, including, but not limited to, athletes, coaches, referees, officials, sports science and medical personnel, volunteers, managers, administrators, committee members, parents or guardians, and Director and Officers of the respective NSF is entitled to participate in an environment that is safe and free of Harassment and Discrimination. SAI further expresses that it is imperative for the sport that individuals conduct themselves with the highest level of ethical conduct.

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